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Linda Robinson Consulting Services

The only way we are able to grow is through learned experiences, challenges, and adaptation to situations and circumstances. Being involved within and supporting St. Louis, MO communities, founder and CEO Linda Robinson wanted to share her expertise to help others support and elevate communities, too. Following her passion and being purposely intentional, Robinson launched Linda Robinson Consulting Services LLC (LRCS) in 2020. Even during a life-changing pandemic, a gem was manifested and evolved. LRCS focuses on the growth of volunteer coordinators and managers for an efficient, organized, and motivating environment, to meet end goals.  

The amazing part about volunteering? We all can participate. We call can become supporting contributors in multiple lanes. But as we contribute, how can we become dynamic? How can we grow? Showing up is only the first step, but there are processes to exemplify excellence, which in turn will mirror excellence within yourself, communities, companies, and organizations. Whether you are looking for individual or organizational assistance, LRCS creates and encourages action plans for development. 


Having over 25 years of hands-on experience, Robinson has been innovatively effective. Through Robinson's leadership, the LRCS team provides structured professional volunteering services for corporations, for-profit, and non-profit organizations through staffing and recruitment, development of organizational volunteer policies and procedures, volunteer guidance and training, team building, and more. So, let LRCS serve your needs and take volunteering to the next level!

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