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Areeya Oki Video

Areeya started Jai Thai Co. in 2016 with the purpose of building a true Thai company focused on social entrepreneurship. After Jai Thai Co. launched, Areeya's passion for supporting others, particularly children, has grown immensely. Areeya does pro bono work for Heart of Asia, a nonprofit providing safe shelter for children from war-torn regions of Asia. Areeya supports Jai Thai Co. by personally fundraising, implementing initiatives, and raising awareness. Her passion for supporting people in need is evident in the work she does.

Areeya Oki Video

Areeya works with people who have been through the trauma of war, trauma, economic deprivation, and/or genocide. Her interest in these areas stems from her own experiences with domestic abuse and a difficult childhood in which she felt ignored by her parents, and often afraid and hurt. There is no shortage of trauma survivors on the Thai islands, as many of the country's poorest villagers have been displaced to other countries, typically Thailand.

Areeya is a child of divorce. Her mother took her to Australia when she was just 3-years-old, and didn't return to Thailand for over 20 years. When Areeya returned home as an adult, she discovered that her parents had a new family living in Thailand.

Areeya's mother left Areeya's father when she took Areeya to live in Australia, but did not sign a custody agreement or support Areeya, and never returned to Thailand. Areeya's father left Thailand when she was a baby, but did not sign a custody agreement or support Areeya, and never returned to Thailand.

Areeya's parents are both alive, but do not get along. Areeya's father has tried to contact Areeya's mother over the years, but she has refused to have any contact with him. Areeya is the only child of her parents. She has two brothers, and one sister, who lives in Australia. The 3 children have attempted on many occasions to contact their mother, but have no success. Their mother continues to refuse contact and to pursue a custody agreement and the support payments she feels Areeya should be paying.


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