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Sun Choke (2015) _TOP_

Checking in October 2019 on YouTube reviewer spookyastronauts kicking off her Horror marathon, I saw a review for a title which she was not too keen on,but left me very intrigued. Having been unable to find it when searching online, I was thrilled to stumble upon it on streaming service Shudder,leading to me at last going out to sunbathe.View on the film:Increasingly tightening the collar that is around Janie, Savannah and Irma's close relationships, the screenplay by writer/director Ben Cresciman sunburns the trio with superb Mumblecore-style dialogue, bringing out a slow-burn, intimate psychological Horror atmosphere, glazed in the health routine caretaker Irma places on recovering mental patient Janie being grilled in Irma's increased desire to dominantly force Janie to follow all her routine demands.Placing sunspots on the screen to Janie's blackouts,Cresciman cuts the foundation of the relationships wide open with a killer twist which takes the detailed character study into a abrasive direction, as the psychological abuse Janie suffered is passed onto Savannah.Burning all the colour from their lives in order for blood to be the lone dash of primary colour left, director Cresciman & cinematographer Mathew Rudenberg bring colour to the trio with a subtly stylised use of crisp,sharp whites surrounding them, which captures the clean slate of compassion from Irma,and the lack of any bright spots in the life of Janie. Reverberating the psychological treatment of Janie around the house, Cresciman perfectly compliments the pristine whites with a delicate framing of mirrors and water into shot, reflecting all that the trio lay bare back at them.Telling Janie that this treatment is good for her, Barbara Crampton gives a gripping battle axe turn as Irma, whose buttoned-up image Crampton cracks with a dominating sting, which is brilliantly counted by Sara Malakul Lane widening Savannah's quiet,withdrawn manner out to be buckled under infliction's from Janie. Standing in the middle of them,Sarah Hagan gives a excellent, thoughtful turn as Janie, whose complex mind-set is untangled by Hagan with a compassion which gently avoids turning too overtly empathetic, as Janie,Savannah and Irma are blinded by the sun choke.

Sun Choke (2015)

Then, gently add a handful of sunchokes to the hot oil. Fry, stirring occasionally, until golden brown. Do not overstuff the pot! The bubbles will rise over the top and overflow onto your stove. Big mess and super dangerous. I stupidly did this today but caught it just in time.

I LOVE to fry. What can I say? Yes, it is a mess. (So I do it outside.) Yes, it is unhealthful. (No answer for that one.) Yes, what does one do with the oil or grease? (Save old containers and place the oil or grease in them for neat disposal.) There are lots of negatives, but fried food is so darn good, and give me a nice bit of fried dough, and I am in, well dare I say it, hog heaven? These sunchoke chips are such a good idea. I would like a large bowl of gthem with plenty of your lovely rosemary salt, if you please. 041b061a72


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