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Subtitle Mission.Impossible.Rogue.Nation.2015.7...

Talking about my biggest idols - Heaven Shall Burn - makes me overloaded somehow, but I need to shout this out: Christian Bass (the drummer of HSB) is currently visiting our country Japan for helping our local band's recording. Lately, he did a video interview for Roland Corp. and the video has subtitles in 10 more languages!

subtitle Mission.Impossible.Rogue.Nation.2015.7...


Fabian, Mahne and Simon talk about the upcoming second full-length "Kingdom of Worms" from their recording studio. Unfortunately, English subtitles are not available, but no worries for non-German-speakers like me, you can hear some tasty new riffs in the video.

It is ironic that the Atlas Network seems to regard all these affirmative initiatives as what Hayek would have supported as part of his spontaneous order vision. As my book pointed out, Hayek took a dim view of trying to achieve conscious direction invisibly via internalizing the desired values, attitudes, and beliefs to guide wanted behaviors. I was pretty sure I had something directly on point to refute this odious vision of the future as Hayekian. Since I have a depth of knowledge that is anything other than just sound bytes and a very large library of resources, I found what I was looking for in Volume 2 of Law Legislation and Liberty. That volume has the subtitle The Mirage of Social Justice. 041b061a72


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