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The Happening 2 Full Movie in Tamil Dubbed

The Happening 2 Full Movie in Tamil Dubbed

The Happening is a 2008 American science fiction thriller film written, co-produced, and directed by M. Night Shyamalan. It stars Mark Wahlberg, Zooey Deschanel, John Leguizamo, and Betty Buckley. The film follows a group of people who try to escape from an inexplicable natural disaster that causes people to commit suicide. The film was released on June 13, 2008, and received mostly negative reviews from critics and audiences. It grossed $163 million worldwide against a budget of $48 million.

The Happening 2 is a fan-made sequel to The Happening that was uploaded on the video-sharing website Bilibili on February 5, 2022. The film is dubbed in Tamil and has a runtime of 1 hour and 30 minutes. The film is not an official production of M. Night Shyamalan or any of his associates. The film is made by an anonymous fan who claims to be a huge admirer of Shyamalan's work. The film uses footage from various sources, such as The Happening, other films by Shyamalan, documentaries, news clips, and stock videos. The film also uses computer-generated imagery (CGI) and voice-over narration to create a coherent story.


The plot of The Happening 2 is set 10 years after the events of the first film. The film follows Elliot Moore (Mark Wahlberg), who is now a professor at the University of Pennsylvania. He is married to Alma Moore (Zooey Deschanel), who is pregnant with their second child. They have a daughter named Jess (Abigail Breslin), who was born after the first outbreak of the phenomenon that caused people to kill themselves. Elliot has been researching the phenomenon for the past decade and has discovered that it is caused by a neurotoxin released by plants as a defense mechanism against humans. He has also found out that the phenomenon is not random, but follows a pattern based on the Fibonacci sequence. He predicts that the next outbreak will happen on June 13, 2022, exactly 14 years after the first one.

On that day, Elliot and his family are invited to a picnic by his friend Julian (John Leguizamo), who is also a professor at the same university. Julian has a son named Josh (Frankie Muniz), who is Jess's best friend. They go to a park near Philadelphia, where they meet Julian's wife Lisa (Rosario Dawson), who is a journalist. Lisa tells them that she has been investigating a mysterious organization called The Green Zone, which claims to have found a way to stop the phenomenon by creating a safe haven for humans and plants. She says that she has received an invitation to visit their headquarters in New York City and wants to take Julian and Josh with her. Elliot is skeptical about The Green Zone and warns Lisa not to trust them.

As they are enjoying their picnic, they notice that people around them start acting strangely. They see people talking gibberish, walking backwards, stabbing themselves with forks, and jumping off bridges. They realize that the phenomenon has started again and they need to get out of the city as soon as possible. They rush to their cars and try to drive away, but they encounter traffic jams, roadblocks, and chaos everywhere. They decide to split up: Elliot, Alma, and Jess go with Julian's car, while Julian, Lisa, and Josh go with Lisa's car. They agree to meet at Julian's house in Princeton, New Jersey.

On their way, Elliot's group encounters various obstacles and dangers, such as looters, cultists, military forces, and infected animals. They also witness some bizarre and horrifying scenes, such as people hanging themselves from trees, setting themselves on fire, or jumping into lion cages at the zoo. They manage to avoid the phenomenon by staying away from large groups of people and plants. They also use Elliot's knowledge of the Fibonacci sequence to predict where the phenomenon will strike next and avoid those areas.

Meanwhile, Julian's group reaches New York City and meets with a representative of The Green Zone named Dr. Malcolm (Morgan Freeman). He takes them to their headquarters, which is located in an underground bunker beneath Central Park. He explains that The Green Zone is a secret organization that was founded by a group of scientists and environmentalists who wanted to find a solution to the phenomenon. He says that they have developed a serum that can neutralize the neurotoxin and protect humans from its effects. He also says that they have created a harmonious relationship with the plants by using genetic engineering and biotechnology. He shows them a large greenhouse where they grow various kinds of plants that are friendly to humans. He says that they plan to spread the serum and the plants all over the world and create a new era of peace and coexistence between humans and nature.

Lisa is impressed by The Green Zone's vision and agrees to join them. Julian and Josh are skeptical and suspicious of their motives. They decide to investigate the bunker and find out more about The Green Zone's activities. They discover that The Green Zone is not what it seems to be. They find out that the serum is actually a mind-control agent that makes people obedient and docile to The Green Zone's commands. They also find out that the plants are actually carnivorous and hostile to humans. They realize that The Green Zone is actually behind the phenomenon and that they are using it as a weapon to eliminate humanity and create a world ruled by plants.

Julian and Josh try to escape from the bunker, but they are caught by Dr. Malcolm and his guards. Dr. Malcolm reveals that he is the leader of The Green Zone and that he is a fanatic who believes that humans are a plague on the planet and that plants are the superior life form. He says that he has been orchestrating the phenomenon for years by releasing the neurotoxin into the air through various means, such as airplanes, satellites, drones, and balloons. He says that he has also been manipulating the media, the government, and the public opinion to cover up his crimes and spread his propaganda. He says that he plans to launch a final attack on June 13, 2022, at 13:13:13 (1:13:13 PM), which is the next number in the Fibonacci sequence. He says that he will release a massive amount of neurotoxin into the atmosphere, which will kill most of the human population in a matter of minutes. He says that he will then unleash his army of plants, which will devour the remaining survivors and take over the world.

Julian and Josh are horrified by Dr. Malcolm's plan and try to stop him, but they are overpowered by his guards. Dr. Malcolm injects them with the serum and turns them into his mindless slaves. He then orders Lisa to join him in his control room, where he will launch his final attack.

Back in Princeton, Elliot's group arrives at Julian's house, where they hope to find safety and shelter. However, they find out that Julian's house has been invaded by The Green Zone's agents, who have killed Julian's parents and taken over his basement. They also find out that Julian's basement is actually a secret laboratory, where Julian has been working on his own research on the phenomenon. They discover that Julian has been trying to find a cure for the neurotoxin by using his own blood, which has a rare genetic mutation that makes him immune to its effects. They also discover that Julian has been communicating with other scientists around the world who have been working on similar projects.

Elliot's group is attacked by The Green Zone's agents, who try to capture them and take them to Dr. Malcolm. Elliot's group fights back and manages to escape from the house. They also manage to contact Julian through his laptop, which is connected to a webcam in his car. They see that Julian is in New York City with Lisa and Josh, but they also notice that Julian is acting strangely and has a blank expression on his face. They realize that Julian has been injected with the serum and is under Dr. Malcolm's control.

Elliot tries to talk to Julian and remind him of who he is and what he has been fighting for. He tells him about his research and his blood mutation. He tells him about his family and his friendship with him. He tells him that he needs his help to stop Dr. Malcolm and save the world.

Julian slowly regains his consciousness and remembers his true identity. He resists Dr. Malcolm's commands and tries to free himself from his grip. He also tries to free Lisa and Josh from their trance, but they are too far gone to be saved.

Dr. Malcolm notices Julian's rebellion and becomes furious. He orders his guards to kill Julian, Lisa, and Josh before they can interfere with his plan.

Julian fights back against Dr. Malcolm's guards, but he is outnumbered and outmatched by them.

Lisa sees Julian in danger and snaps out of her trance as well. She realizes her mistake and regrets joining The Green Zone.

Josh joins Julian and Lisa in their fight against Dr. Malcolm's guards, but he is also overwhelmed by them.

Dr. Malcolm watches the scene with satisfaction and prepares to launch his final attack. He activates a countdown timer on his computer, which shows that he has less than 10 minutes left until 13:13:13.

Elliot's group sees the countdown timer on Julian's laptop and realizes that they have very little time to stop Dr. Malcolm. They decide to go to New York City and confront him in person. They also decide to take Julian's laptop with them, hoping that they can use it to hack into Dr. Malcolm's system and sabotage his plan.

Elliot's group steals a car and drives to New York City as fast as they can. They encounter many obstacles and dangers on their way, such as roadblocks, checkpoi


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